Advisor Team Announcement

Turion Space is proud to announce the board of advisors we brought on to the team over the last two months. Wayne W. Alward Jr, Kevin O’Connell, and T.S. Kelso.

Wayne Alward Jr.

Satellite Development Technical Advisor

Wayne W. Alward is a highly experienced program management and operations executive with over 30 years in the space industry. Demonstrating leadership success in design, development, and execution of GEO and LEO telecommunication, earth observation, remote sensing, cube/small satellites, launch vehicles, satellite servicing, and other interplanetary space vehicle programs representing RCA, GE, Martin Marietta, Lockheed Martin, Astro Digital, OneWeb, and many other Domestic/Global Satellite Operators & Vendors.

Wayne founded Alnilam Space, Space Business Consultancy Firm in 2015, continuing his successful leadership expertise supporting Satellite missions at various levels from design, systems engineering, production, strategic sourcing, supplier partner relations management, business case development, product and program management to customer overseer of satellite program design, manufacture, integration, test, launch and commissioning. Wayne brings numerous core attributes to help strengthen our team including Program Management, Business Operations, Design Engineering, Production Assembly Integration and Test, Mission management & Launch Ops, Business Development, Strategic Sourcing, and Supplier Partner Relations.

Kevin O’Connell

Government and Policy Advisor

Kevin O’Connell is the former director of the Commerce Department’s Office of Space Commerce. While acting as the Director of Space Commerce, Space Policy Directive 3 was issued, giving the Department of Commerce responsibility of space traffic management responsibilities, including the issuance of satellite collision warnings to operators.

Kevin has since founded Space Economy Rising, LLC who works with clients and partners worldwide on all aspects of the growing space economy. As space technology advances, we need an equal emphasis on the economic inputs — entrepreneurship, talent, the impact of regulation, and private investment — and the growing contribution of space to economic growth.

Kevin is a firm believer that commercial and government need to work closely to keep space safe and prosperous as the space economy undergoes this rapid and exciting transformation. We are truly thankful to be able to openly discuss and develop our strategy alongside Kevin in this challenging and exciting environment.

T.S. Kelso

Space Debris & Mission Planning Technical Advisor

T.S. is the legendary creator and operator of CelesTrak, the world’s first source for orbital element sets and related software educational materials. Beginning his career of satellite tracking with Skylab in 1978, The tools T.S. has built over the years from the ground up are used ubiquitously across the industry. Besides being the creator of CelesTrak, T.S. also was selected as the first director of the Air Force Space Command Space Analysis Center, responsible for all orbital and technical analysis. In this role, he lead the DoD analysis centers in support of the Columbia space shuttle anomaly investigation. In that investigation, his team discovered the Flight Day 2 piece and analyzed its ballistic and radar characteristics that helped NASA to determine it’s the origin, a key piece of evidence in resolution to one of the most notable spaceflight anomalies of all time. We are proud to have T.S. on our board of advisors providing his technical expertise in our efforts to remove orbital debris and ensure a sustainable future in space.

Building a sustainable future in space